tilt swap - swap contact details, no need for business cards

'tilt swap' is an app that allows you to swap contact information with one tap, using a special QR code.
It's incredibly fast and removes the need for a traditional business card.

  • Simplicity!

    'tilt swap' scrapes your LinkedIn profile, creating an instant contact card...

    So easy to set up...

    if you sign up to 'tilt swap' via LinkedIn, then the app scrapes all your details to make you a fantastically rich base contact card in a second. Try it now!

    Swap details in seconds...

    Simply tap the middle icon and scan someone else's 'tilt swap' code. Their contact details will instantly be stored into your phone address book, and yours in theirs too.

    Who did I meet yesterday?

    'tilt swap' displays  of people you met through the app in order of date, so you can easily find someone you met recently...

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    Best app I've ever seen!

    Shed's Mum, Creator of Shed


    I created 'tilt swap' because one of my jobs is professional motivational speaker. I'm given dozens of business cards every event I attend and no app adequately helps me store these in my phone. So I created this app to swap contact info in seconds, with two taps...

    Shed Simove, Creator of 'tilt swap'